Having worked with SMALL business owners for over 20 years.  I know the challenges that a small business can face. Your ability to your message out the right people in and around your business is the most important part of an effective local marketing plan – and TV should be added to that program.  Many business owners have asked us, how can use TV in a cost effective fashion. The answer used to be only, video-pre-roll or In-Stream.  This is basically playing videos before the actual content someone is wanting to see.  This is often skippable.  Another option is Connected TV or CTV.  As we move from traditional cable packages to a more omni-channel data streaming option, or pay per play model, we will see 2r6more and more impressions for Connected.  As the inventory grows, pricing should go down with the increase of plays available each month.

Traditional obstacles to connected tv and digital streaming like creative, spill into unwanted regions, cost, broad audiences and lack of targetability for proper demos, have made TV a non-starter for many small advertisers.   CTV aims to provide a solution for marketers that provides all the benefits that national / larger advertiser receive while still respecting the overall budget of the client.  As an advertiser – we can provide you all with all the options to build the most effective broadcast program outside of traditional TV. 

  • DOOH
  • Connected TV – CTV
  • And more

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