The boom of connected TV marketers in is now available to Canadian marketers. With the advent of free tv for the masses – you knew content generators were going to find more ways to monetize that content and Connected TV or CTV is the tool they are using. Similar to a podcast or listening to your favorite radio station online, ads are inserted into the content. These are often done either at the beginning as a – Pre Roll – or during the content as an in-stream. As much of this content is served through your IP/ home internet connection we can start generating a picture of people, families, individuals and serve them more appropriate ads. Connected TV is a similar type of offering. We can find people by postal code, spending habits, interests and more. CTV is not cheap – this has more to do with what is available and not price gouging. If you have a need or see a fit for your business – please reach out and we will build a plan to support your local marketing plan with more than simple digital or direct mail.

By Adnetwork_1234567

Canadian Marketing Professional with over 20 years working on and selling media in Canada

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