Are you looking to leverage technology to put you infront of potential customers and retarget people who have been to your site? We have lots of options to help you build a multi-tiered program that only reach prospects that matter. We can generate leads for your business by spreading the word for your business to people who are closest to your locations. Geo-Fencing your areas that are the most desirable are very effective ways of building marketing campaigns with no spill into unwanted regions.

Our programmatic solutions from display (banners) on websites to native ads(content built into websites that speak to your audience) to video or in-stream. Our ability to serve ads to more than 200,000 websites will help you generate a steady stream of leads. I know that you may have a supplier already – but if you are paying more than 18 cpm for any of these solutions – give us a call, I know we can lower that and generate better results.

By Adnetwork_1234567

Canadian Marketing Professional with over 20 years working on and selling media in Canada

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